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Eberhardt, C.* ; Amann, B.* ; Feuchtinger, A. ; Hauck, S.M. & Deeg, C.A.*: Differential expression of inwardly rectifying K+ channels and aquaporins 4 and 5 in autoimmune uveitis indicates misbalance in Müller glial cell-dependent ion and water homeostasis. Glia 59, 697-707 (2011)
Simon, C. ; Götz, M. & Dimou, L.: Progenitors in the adult cerebral cortex: Cell cycle properties and regulation by physiological stimuli and injury. Glia 59, 869-881 (2011)
März, M.* et al.: Heterogeneity in progenitor cell subtypes in the ventricular zone of the zebrafish adult telencephalon. Glia 58, 870-888 (2010)
Robel, S. et al.: Conditional deletion of β1-integrin in astroglia causes partial reactive gliosis. Glia 57, 1630-1647 (2009)
Bonilla, S.* et al.: Identification of midbrain floor plate radial glia-like cells as dopaminergic progenitors. Glia 56, 809-820 (2008)
Swiatek-de Lange, M. et al.: Membrane-initiated effects of progesterone on calcium dependent signaling and activation of VEGF gene expression in retinal glial cells. Glia 55, 1061-1073 (2007)
Mori, T. et al.: Inducible gene deletion in astroglia and radial glia-A valuable tool for functional and lineage analysis. Glia 54, 21-34 (2006)
Hauck, S.M. ; Suppmann, S. & Ueffing, M.: Proteomic profiling of primary retinal müller glia cells reveals a shift in expression patterns upon adaption to in vitro conditions. Glia 44, 251-263 (2003)