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To infinity and beyond: On ICA over Hilbert Spaces.

In: Proceedings (10th International Conference, LVA/ICA 2012, 12-15 March 2012, Tel Aviv, Israel). Berlin [u.a.]: Springer, 2012. 180-187 (Lecture Notes Comp. Sci. ; 7191)
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The original Independent Component Analysis (ICA) problem of blindly separating a mixture of a finite number of real-valued statistically independent one-dimensional sources has been extended in a number of ways in recent years. These include dropping the assumption that all sources are one-dimensional and some extensions to the case where the sources are not real-valued. We introduce an extension in a further direction, no longer assuming only a finite number of sources, but instead allowing infinitely many. We define a notion of independent sources for this case and show separability of ICA in this framework.
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