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Targeted metabolomics of dried blood spot extracts.

Chromatographia 76, 1295-1305 (2013)
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Dried blood spot (DBS) samples are already successfully used in newborn screening and pharmacological analyses. The application of DBS matrix to further metabolomic methods will considerably extend the analytical options for the diagnostics of metabolic diseases. We present an MS/MS based method for the simultaneous extraction and quantification of 188 metabolites from dried blood spots. We provide a sensitive and reproducible method that adapts the Absolute IDQ™ p180 kit of Biocrates to the DBS matrix for the quantification of metabolites of different substance classes including amino acids, biogenic amines, free carnitine, acylcarnitines, hexoses, glycerophospholipids, lysophosphatidylcholines, phosphatidylcholines, and sphingolipids.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Dried blood spots; Lipids; Mass spectrometry; Metabolite quantification; Targeted metabolomics; Tandem Mass-spectrometry ; Amino-acids ; Validation ; Acylcarnitines ; Biomarkers ; Stability ; Hplc
ISSN (print) / ISBN 0009-5893
e-ISSN 1612-1112
Journal Chromatographia
Quellenangaben Volume: 76, Issue: 19-20, Pages: 1295-1305 Article Number: , Supplement: ,
Publisher Springer
Reviewing status Peer reviewed
Institute(s) Molecular endocrinology and metabolism (MEM)
Institute of Experimental Genetics (IEG)