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Toxicological evaluation of poly(ethylene imine) -based non-viral vector systems for pulmonary siRNA application.

Marburg, Philipps Universität, Fachbereich Pharmazie, Diss., 2010, 237 S.
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In this thesis, toxicity of PEI-based non-viral vector systems for siRNA application into the lungs was comprehensively described and analyzed in vitro as well as in vivo. Chapter 1 introduced in basic information about the lung anatomy and physiology and general considerations for pulmonary application as well as gave an overview of the two major groups of non-viral vector systems for pulmonary application and highlighted their impact in nanomedicine and nanotoxicology. The search for more predictive toxicity tools for (polymeric) non-viral vector systems is still of great concern in the community and was pointed out in this chapter. Chapter 2 described the toxicicological and immunomoldulatory effects of two different PEI-based nanocarriers for siRNA delivery in different murine lung cells.
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Publikationstyp Sonstiges: Hochschulschrift
Typ der Hochschulschrift Dissertationsschrift
Schlagwörter inflammation; pulmonary application; Polyethylenimin (PEI); Cytotoxicity; siRNA; Poly(ethylene imine); oxidative stress; Oxidativer Stress; Lunge; Toxikologische Bewertung; In vivo; Entzündung; Cytotoxizität; Wasserlösliche Polymere; RNS-Interferenz; In vitro
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Hochschule Philipps Universität
Hochschulort Marburg
Fakultät Fachbereich Pharmazie