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Sambade, A.* ; Findlay, K.* ; Schäffner, A. ; Lloyd, C.W.* ; Buschmann, H.*

Actin-dependent and -independent functions of cortical microtubules in the differentiation of Arabidopsis leaf trichomes.

Plant Cell 26, 1629-1644 (2014)
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Arabidopsis thaliana tortifolía2 carries a point mutation in α-tubulin 4 and shows aberrant cortical microtubule dynamics. The microtubule defect of tortifolia2 leads to overbranching and right-handed helical growth in the single-celled leaf trichomes. Here, we use tortifolia2 to further our understanding of microtubules in plant cell differentiation. Trichomes at the branching stage show an apical ring of cortical microtubules, and our analyses support that this ring is involved in marking the prospective branch site. tortifolia2 showed ectopic microtubule bundles at this stage, consistent with a function for microtubules in selecting new branch sites. Overbranching of tortifolia2 required the C-terminal binding protein/brefeldin A-ADP ribosylated substrate protein ANGUSTIFOLIA1, and our results indicate that the angustifolia1 mutant is hypersensitive to alterations in microtubule dynamics. To analyze whether actin and microtubules cooperate in the trichome cell expansion process, we generated double mutants of tortifolia2 with distorted1, a mutant that is defective in the actin-related ARP2/3 complex. The double mutant trichomes showed a complete loss of growth anisotropy, suggesting a genetic interaction of actin and microtubules. Green fluorescent protein labeling of F-actin or microtubules in tortifolia2 distorted1 double mutants indicated that F-actin enhances microtubule dynamics and enables reorientation. Together, our results suggest actin-dependent and -independent functions of cortical microtubules in trichome differentiation.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Cell Morphogenesis; Arp2/3 Complex; Plant-cells; Protein2/3 Complex; Root Hairs; F-actin; Cytoskeleton; Growth; Thaliana; Gene
ISSN (print) / ISBN 1040-4651
e-ISSN 1532-298X
Journal The Plant cell
Quellenangaben Volume: 26, Issue: 4, Pages: 1629-1644 Article Number: , Supplement: ,
Publisher American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB)
Publishing Place Rockville
Reviewing status Peer reviewed