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Simonetto, C. ; Azizova, T.V.* ; Grigoryeva, E.S.* ; Kaiser, J.C. ; Schöllnberger, H. ; Eidemüller, M.

Ischemic heart disease in workers at Mayak PA: Latency of incidence risk after radiation exposure.

PLoS ONE 9:e96309 (2014)
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We present an updated analysis of incidence and mortality from atherosclerotic induced ischemic heart diseases in the cohort of workers at the Mayak Production Association (PA). This cohort constitutes one of the most important sources for the assessment of radiation risk. It is exceptional because it comprises information on several other risk factors. While most of the workers have been exposed to external gamma radiation, a large proportion has additionally been exposed to internal radiation from inhaled plutonium. Compared to a previous study by Azizova et al. 2012, the updated dosimetry system MWDS-2008 has been applied and methods of analysis have been revised. We extend the analysis of the significant incidence risk and observe that main detrimental effects of external radiation exposure occur after more than about 30 years. For mortality, significant risk was found in males with an excess relative risk per dose of 0.09 (95% CI: 0.02; 0.16) [Formula: see text] while risk was insignificant for females. With respect to internal radiation exposure no association to risk could be established.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Atomic-bomb Survivors; Level Ionizing-radiation; Circulatory Disease; Cardiovascular-diseases; Apoe(-/-) Mice; Cerebrovascular Diseases; Production-association; Multimodel Inference; Dose-responses; Breast-cancer
ISSN (print) / ISBN 1932-6203
Journal PLoS ONE
Quellenangaben Volume: 9, Issue: 5, Pages: , Article Number: e96309 Supplement: ,
Publisher Public Library of Science (PLoS)
Publishing Place Lawrence, Kan.
Reviewing status Peer reviewed