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In situ drug and metabolite analyzes in biological and clinical research by MALDI MS imaging.

Bioanalysis 6, 1241-1253 (2014)
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In recent years the analysis in mass spectrometry imaging has been expanded to detect a wide variety of low molecular weight compounds (LMWC), including exogenous and endogenous compounds. The high sensitivity and selectivity of MS imaging combined with visualization of molecular spatial distribution in tissue making it to a valuable platform in targeted drug and untargeted metabolomic analyzes in biological and clinical research. Here, we review the current and potential applications of MALDI MS imaging in these areas. The aim of advancing MALDI MS imaging in the field of LMWC is to support clinical applications by understanding drug and drug-metabolite distribution, investigating toxicity and discover new biomarkers.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Review
Keywords Desorption/ionization Mass-spectrometry; Magnetic-resonance-spectroscopy; Positron-emission-tomography; Rat-brain Tissue; Linear Ion-trap; Time-of-flight; Pharmaceutical Discovery; Quantitative-analysis; Matrix Application; Sample Preparation
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