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Discharge and ground water recharge in crystalline rocks of the Bavarian Forest, Germany.

Acta Univ. Carol., Geol. 40, 205-219 (1996)
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The study area is situated in The Bavarian Forest and is limited by the towns Regensburg - Passau - Zwiesel - Weiden. In this area four small representative catchment areas with granite and gneiss rocks, respectively, have been instrumented to measure precipitation and discharges on low scales. In all areas, water balances have been set up and the dry-weather discharge analysis has been used together with environmental isotopes. Ground water recharge amounts 70 mm.a -1 in granite areas and 60 mm.a 1- in gneiss areas. In all areas, ground waters circulate predominantly near to the ground surface in strongly weathered crystalline rocks. In granite rock, additionally, also a deep circulation system has been recognized. Deep circulating ground water contributes to excess discharges in streams at very low topographic levels. Mean residence times in these crystalline rocks are less than one year. They amount to 0.75 to 1 year in ganites and to 0.5 years in gneiss rocks. The catchment area of the Regen river has the highest excess discharges; tritium concentrations prove a contribution of deep ground waters with high residence times (less than 10 years). It probably originates from the Czech Republic.
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