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Awareness and treatment of hypercholesterolemia: Results of the first survey of the MONICA project Augsburg.

Soz. Präventivmed. 34, 10-14 (1989)
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In the first survey of the MONICA project Augsburg (1984/1985), awareness and treatment of hypercholesterolemia was determined on a two-stage cluster sample of 5069 25-64 year old citizens (participation 79.6%). Hypercholesterolemia was defined according to the Conference of the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS) and of the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP). Awareness (elevated lipid levels found during the last 12 months), and drug and dietary treatment were determined by an interview. The awareness was low and varied between 4 and 24% in the different age-sex groups, with no significant differences between sexes, with one exception: The awareness in women aged 55-64 years with cholesterol levels ≥ 300 mg/dl was 38% and differed significantly from that found in men in the same age group (21%). Older participants showed a higher degree of awareness than younger; in men the awareness was independent from the cholesterol level, in women those with higher levels showed a better awareness than those with lower levels (results from a logistic regression analysis for cholesterol levels ≥ 240 mg/dl). The use of lipid-lowering drugs was low in the study population (2% in men, 1% in women). The drug treatment of hypercholesterolemia was low and in no age-sex group higher than 7%, despite the definition of hypercholesterolemia; the dietary treatment was not higher than 20%. In conclusion it is shown, that there is a great need for the identification and management of hypercholesterolemia in the examined population in Southern Germany.
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Quellenangaben Volume: 34, Issue: 1, Pages: 10-14 Article Number: , Supplement: ,
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