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Prognostic value of AgNORs in breast cancer | Prognostische Wertigkeit von AgNORs beim Mammakarzinom.

Gen Diagn Pathol Jena 140, 55-60 (1994)
Silver stained AgNORs were investigated by means of a semiautomatic image analysis system. Paraffin sections from 137 invasive ductal carcinomas of the breast were available with clinical and histological data, several DNA distribution parameters, and follow-up data of about 10 years (45 to 165 months). By means of the Chi 2-test the correlation of AgNOR features with the other variables was investigated. A significant correlation was found between AgNORs and the histological grading, and between AgNORs and most of the DNA parameters. Tumor size (pT) and pTNM-stage showed significant correlation with one of the AgNOR parameters: standard deviation (SD) of average AgNOR area and of AgNOR number, respectively. No correlation was found between AgNORs and the axillary nodal status (pN). The prognostic significance of AgNORs was estimated by using Cox regression analysis. In a multivariate approach offering all parameters available one AgNOR feature (coefficient of variation of relative AgNOR area) ranked at the third position beyond the SD of DNA distribution and the pTNM-staging. Considering the distant-recurrence free interval of patients instead of the survival time the same AgNOR feature showed an independent prognostic value.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Quellenangaben Volume: 140, Issue: 1, Pages: 55-60 Article Number: , Supplement: ,
Publisher Fischer
Publishing Place Jena
Reviewing status Peer reviewed