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Physical and chemical analysis of cobalt oxide aerosol particles used for inhalation studies.

, 985-988 (1984)
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Recent studies have been conducted of the long term lung retention depending on some physicochemical parameters of cobalt oxide aerosols which had been inhaled by dogs. They are produced under controlled conditions including a high temperature process described earlier by W. G. Kreyling and G. A. Ferron. In this paper the physical and chemical properties of the cobalt oxide particles produced under various conditions are discussed. The aerosols are produced by thermal degradation of monodisperse cobalt nitrate aerosols at degradation temperatures between 800 degree C and 1200 degree C resulting in monodisperse cobalt oxide particles. All cobalt oxide particles generated at various temperatures consist of amorphous and polycrystaline structures of both cobaltous oxide CoO and cobaltosic oxide Co//3O//4. The density of the particles degraded from cobalt nitrate is about half of the bulk density resulting in porous particle bodies with an increased surface area. The density of the small sized particles condensed from vaporized CoCl//2 is about 15% of the bulk density.
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