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Genetic and biochemical analysis of glutathione-deficient mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Mutagen. 5, 39-44 (1990)
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Five independently isolated glutathione-deficient (gsh-) mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisae with maximally 6% residual glutathione content have been analysed genetically. Complementation as well as tetrad analysis of the homo- and heterozygous diploids constructed by suitable crosses of the five mutants indicated that all isolates belong to one complementation group and hence represent different alleles of one gene, GSH1. In order to determine the Gsh1 gene product an assay suitable for yeast was developed to determine the activity of gamma-glutamyl-cysteine synthetase catalysing the first step of glutathione biosynthesis. All mutants are severely deficient in gamma-glutamyl-cysteine synthetase (less than 6.5% of the activity of the glutathione competent parental strain) which is in good accordance with the genetic data.
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