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Nicotine is not clastogenic at doses of 1 or 2 mg/kg body weight given orally to male mice.

Mutat. Res. -Fund. Mol. Mech. Mutag. 542, 139-142 (2003)
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Nicotine has been tested in the conventional mouse bone marrow assay. Single doses of 1 mg/kg bw or 2 mg/kg bw were given by oral intubations and bone marrow was sampled at 24 h (I mg/kg) or at 6, 12 and 18 h after treatment (2 mg/kg). Nicotine treatment did not increase the micronucleus frequencies in polychromatic erythrocytes while the positive control compound mitomycin C yielded the expected result. These data contradict the only published in vivo study of nicotine in which 1.1 mg/kg bw was called positive for the induction of chromosomal aberrations in mouse bone marrow cells at all sampling intervals, even as early as 6 h after treatment. It is discussed that aberration scoring is a matter of subjectivity and depends on strict discrimination criteria between gaps and true DNA discontinuities, i.e. breaks. International collaboration has shown that micronucleus scoring is less subjective, hence more reliable. Therefore it is concluded that nocotine is not clastogenic at the doses and time intervals tested in the present experiments.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Nicotine; Clastogenicity; Mouse bone marrow
ISSN (print) / ISBN 0027-5107
e-ISSN 1873-135X
Quellenangaben Volume: 542, Issue: 1-2, Pages: 139-142 Article Number: , Supplement: ,
Publisher Elsevier
Reviewing status Peer reviewed