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Woda, C. ; Spöttl, T.*

Chip cards as fortuitous individual dosimeters after nuclear emergencies and radiological terrorism.

Vortrag: 5th Security Research Conference, 7.- 9. September 2010, Berlin. (2010)
The increasing risk of a mass casualty scenario following a large scale radiological accident or attack necessitates the development of appropriate dosimetric tools for emergency response. Here we demonstrate that contact based chip card modules with a translucent globe top covering have high potential to be used as individual dosemeters for rapid assessment of the radiation exposure received by the individual. These modules find use in credit cards, cash cards, health identity cards and SIM cards and are thus carried by a larger part of the general population. The radiation sensitive component is traced to silica in the covering layer of the chip, added to control the properties of the epoxy encapsulation. Luminescence properties turned out to be complex due to the presumed thermo-optical release of electrons from the epoxy and transfer into the silica during measurement. Nevertheless, a suitable measurement protocol could be developed using optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) without any preheat treatment. The dose response of the chip card modules is then linear up to almost 10 Gy and a minimum detectable dose as low as 10 mGy one day after exposure could be achieved. The signal is not stable at room temperature but irradiation trials indicate the applicability of a universal signal decay function for fading correction. Processing time of a single module is less than 30 minutes. In addition, we also report on first investigations on contact based and contactless modules using mold encapsulation, the contactless version finding potential use in electronic documents.
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Publikationstyp Sonstiges: Vortrag
Schlagwörter Nuclear emergency, radiological terrorism, emergency response, fortuitous dosimeter, chip card modules, luminescence dosimetry.
Konferenztitel 5th Security Research Conference
Konferzenzdatum 7.- 9. September 2010
Konferenzort Berlin