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Woda, C.* ; Ulanowski, A.* ; Bougrov, N.G.* ; Jacob, P.

Dose reconstruction in the contaminated area of the Techa river, Southern Urals, Russia.

Vortrag: Deutsches Lumineszenz- und ESR-Meeting 2008, 31st October - 2nd November 2008, Leipzig, Germany. (2008)
We report on results of OSL and TL (210°C peak) measurements on quartz extracted from bricks from a mill in a contaminated village (Muslyumovo) of the Techa river valley, Southern Urals, for the purpose of dose reconstruction. The study has been carried out within the framework of EC funded project SOUL (‘Southern Urals Radiation Risk Research’). Previous works (Göksu et al. 2002) have shown that the expected dose due to man-made sources of radiation in the bricks is in the same range as the background dose due to natural sources of radiation, therefore a precise estimate of the cumulative and background dose is of utmost importance. The cumulative doses measured with TL are continuously lower (on average 10-20%) than the ones measured with OSL for the same sample and using the same luminescence reader. From dose recovery tests, laboratory kinetic analysis and available meteorological parameters of the sample site for the past 100 years, it is concluded that the most likely reason for the discrepancy is thermal fading of the 210°C TL peak. The background dose was carefully assessed by a combination of laboratory measurements, in-situ gamma spectrometry and Monte Carlo modelling. The results show that the background dose was overestimated in previous studies. The obtained anthropogenic doses in brick measured with OSL show variability within error limits between adjacent bricks and a distinctive height profile, which is supported by monitoring of the present day gamma dose rate using Al2O3:C detectors. Preliminary results of reconstruction of the external exposure of the population using the OSL measurements and computational modelling will be discussed.
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Publication type Other: Lecture
Conference Title Deutsches Lumineszenz- und ESR-Meeting 2008
Conference Date 31st October - 2nd November 2008
Conference Location Leipzig, Germany