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The Notch gene regulatory network during somitogenesis.

Vortrag: ICMSB, 2nd August 2006, München, Germany. (2006)
The Delta/Notch gene regulatory network (Notch – GRN) is a cell-to-cell signalling pathway with pleiotropic and essential functions during mammalian development and adult homeostasis. The GSF – Institutes of Experimental Genetics and of Biomathematics and Biometry have initiated an interdisciplinary approach combining the expertises of theoretical and experimental biologists to begin to model the Notch – GRN during mesodermal patterning. In this embryogenic process, we regard the Notch - GRN as a generic thematic unit to begin to study regulatory systems at a whole. Our current mathematical model simulates the in situ expression of selected Notch pathway genes in each of thousands of presomitic cells in 3D. The further development of the E-cells model requires the integration of quantitative data and the identification of novel factors that are co-regulated within the Notch – GRN. The presentation will thus focus on the biological background of somitogenesis and our recent experimental findings. We have been studying the regulation of the Notch ligand Delta1 (Dll1) at the cis-regulatory level, the functional requirement of Dll1 signalling during patterning and differentiation of the paraxial mesoderm, the identification of novel direct interactors of the Dll1 protein and the identification of novel Notch target genes. The data resulting from these experimental studies are an indispensable basis for our collaborative effort to extend and refine our in silico mathematical simulations of the Notch - GRN.
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Publikationstyp Sonstiges: Vortrag
Konferenztitel ICMSB
Konferzenzdatum 2nd August 2006
Konferenzort München, Germany