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Tischenko, O. ; Xu, Y.* ; Hoeschen, C.

Improvement of the OPED algorithm by means of introducing an integration into the evaluation process.

Vortrag: SPIE International Symposium, 17-22 February 2007, San Diego, USA. (2006)
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At the SPIE conference “Medical Imaging” 2006 we presented a new method for reconstructing images from Radon data. This method was called OPED since it is based on orthogonal polynomial expansion on the disc. We could show already some advantages compared to FBP as it is commonly used in today’s CT systems. However, OPED did show for some specific cases some noise in the reconstructed images and even artefacts, mainly a kind of aliasing. These noise and artefacts were smaller as for FBP using the same dose but nevertheless disturbing. Now, we found that the OPED algorithm can be improved by integrating over the polynomial over  the whole area belonging to the pixel instead of evaluating just one point of this pixel (typically bottom left). This advantageous implementation is easy to do and we did hope that it will reduce the artefacts and the noise strongly. We could show, that even the simplest approximation to this integration the averaging of the four corners of the pixel did result in less artifacts, lower noise but no decreased resolution.
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Publikationstyp Sonstiges: Vortrag
Konferenztitel SPIE International Symposium
Konferzenzdatum 17-22 February 2007
Konferenzort San Diego, USA