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Kuhn, K.A.* ; Knoll, A.* ; Mewes, H.-W. ; Schwaiger, M.* ; Bode, A.* ; Broy, M.* ; Daniel, H.* ; Feussner, H.* ; Gradinger, R.* ; Hauner, H.* ; Höfler, H. ; Holzmann, B.* ; Horsch, A.* ; Kemper, A.* ; Krcmar, H.* ; Kochs, E.F.* ; Lange, R.* ; Leidl, R. ; Mansmann, U.* ; Mayr, E.W.* ; Meitinger, T. ; Molls, M.* ; Navab, N.* ; Nüsslin, F.* ; Peschel, C.* ; Reiser, M.* ; Ring, J. ; Rummeny, E.J.* ; Schlichter, J.* ; Schmid, R.* ; Wichmann, H.-E. ; Ziegler, S.*

Informatics and medicine--from molecules to populations.

Methods Inf. Med. 47, 283-295 (2008)
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To clarify challenges and research topics for informatics in health and to describe new approaches for interdisciplinary collaboration and education. METHODS: Research challenges and possible solutions were elaborated by scientists of two universities using an interdisciplinary approach, in a series of meetings over several months. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: In order to translate scientific results from bench to bedside and further into an evidence-based and efficient health system, intensive collaboration is needed between experts from medicine, biology, informatics, engineering, public health, as well as social and economic sciences. Research challenges can be attributed to four areas: bioinformatics and systems biology, biomedical engineering and informatics, health informatics and individual healthcare, and public health informatics. In order to bridge existing gaps between different disciplines and cultures, we suggest focusing on interdisciplinary education, taking an integrative approach and starting interdisciplinary practice at early stages of education.
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Publikationstyp Artikel: Journalartikel
Dokumenttyp Wissenschaftlicher Artikel
Schlagwörter Informatics; bioinformatics; health informatics; biomedical engineering; biomedical informatics; public health
ISSN (print) / ISBN 0026-1270
e-ISSN 2511-705X
Zeitschrift Methods of Information in Medicine
Quellenangaben Band: 47, Heft: 4, Seiten: 283-295 Artikelnummer: , Supplement: ,
Verlag Schattauer