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Comparison of molecular multiplex and singleplex analysis of IgE to grass pollen allergens in untreated German grass pollen-allergic patients.

J. Invest. Allergol. Clin. Immunol. 25, 190-195 (2015)
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BACKGROUND: The ImmunoCAP ISAC 112 platform is the only commercially available molecular allergy IgE multiplex test. Data on the comparison of this rather novel test with the molecular singleplex ImmunoCAP IgE platform are lacking. OBJECTIVE: To compare the multiplex ISAC 112 platform and the singleplex ImmunoCAP platform in regard to IgE to grass pollen allergens in untreated grass pollen-allergic patients in Germany. METHODS: Serum samples from 101 adults with grass pollen allergy were analyzed for specific IgE (sIgE) to 8 allergenic molecules from timothy grass pollen and to the 112 allergenic molecules included in the ISAC panel. The results for the multiplex and singleplex tests were subsequently analyzed statistically. RESULTS: Comparison of sIgE to grass pollen allergens detected by ISAC 112 and the singleplex ImmunoCAP assay revealed the following correlation coefficients: 0.88 (rPhl p 1), 0.96 (rPhl p 2), 0.70 (nPhl p 4), 0.94 (rPhl p 5b), 0.92 (rPhl p 6), 0.85 (rPhl p 11), and 0.78 (rPhl p 12). CONCLUSION: Molecular testing with ISAC 112 correlates well with the ImmunoCAP platform for respective molecular timothy grass pollen allergens.
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Keywords Molecular Allergy ; Multiplex ; Immunocap ; Isac ; Component-resolved Diagnosis; Food Allergy; Diagnosis; Microarray; Tests; Isac; Immunocap
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