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Comparison of molecular and extract-based allergy diagnostics with multiplex and singleplex analysis.

Allergo J. Int. 24, 46-53 (2016)
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BACKGROUND: ImmunoCAP ISAC 112, is a commercially available molecular allergy IgE multiplex test. Data on the comparison of this rather novel test with extract-based as well as molecular ImmunoCAP singleplex IgE tests is missing. OBJECTIVE: To perform a comparison between the ISAC multiplex IgE assay and the ImmunoCAP singleplex test results. METHODS: Serum samples of 101 adults with grass pollen allergy were analysed for sIgE to 112 allergenic molecules represented on the ISAC test as well as to common atopy-related extract-based allergy tests with the ImmunoCAP System (house dust mite [d1], cat [e1], dog [e5], cow's milk [f2], hen's egg [f1], hazelnut [f17], celery [f85], Alternaria alternate [m6], as well as pollen from birch [t3], hazel [t4], mugwort [w6], and ragweed [w1]). Subsequently statistical analysis was performed with the Spearman rank correlation test and the Clopper-Pearson method in order to compare the ISAC multiplex results with the sIgE singleplex results. RESULTS: The positive percent agreements (PPA) and negative percent agreement (NPA) of corresponding allergens between the ISAC sIgE test and the extract-based singleplex ImmunoCAP results at cutoff 0.1 kUA/l varied between 60-100 % for PPA and 78-97 % for NPA. CONCLUSION: When taking into account corresponding allergens molecular testing with the ISAC multiplex test correlates well with ImmunoCAP singleplex results.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Isac ; Immuno-cap ; Molecular Allergy Diagnostics ; Allergens ; Component Resolved Diagnosis ; Extract-based Diagnostics ; Singleplex Multiplex ; Specific Ige
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