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Sakoda, A. ; Ishimori, Y.* ; Tschiersch, J.

Evaluation of the intake of radon through skin from thermal water.

J. Radiat. Res. 57, 336-342 (2016)
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The biokinetics of radon in the body has previously been studied with the assumption that its absorption through the skin is negligibly small. This assumption would be acceptable except in specific situations, such as bathing in a radon hot spring where the radon concentration in thermal water is far higher than that in air. The present study focused on such a situation in order to better understand the biokinetics of radon. To mathematically express the entry of radon through the skin into the body, we first modified the latest sophisticated biokinetic model for noble gases. Values of an important parameter for the model-the skin permeability coefficient K (m s(-1))-were derived using data from previous human studies. The analysis of such empirical data, which corresponded to radon concentrations in the air exhaled by subjects during and following bathing in radon-rich thermal water, revealed that the estimated K values had a log-normal distribution. The validity of the K values and the characteristics of the present model are then discussed. Furthermore, the impact of the intake of radon or its progeny via inhalation or skin absorption on radiation dose was also assessed for possible exposure scenarios in a radon hot spring. It was concluded that, depending on the radon concentration in thermal water, there might be situations in which the dose contribution resulting from skin absorption of radon is comparable to that resulting from inhalation of radon and its progeny. This conclusion can also apply to other therapeutic situations (e.g. staying in the pool for a longer period).
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Biokinetic Model ; Radon ; Radon Hot Spring ; Skin Absorption ; Thermal Water; Tissues; Gases; Body
ISSN (print) / ISBN 0449-3060
e-ISSN 1349-9157
Quellenangaben Volume: 57, Issue: 4, Pages: 336-342 Article Number: , Supplement: ,
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publishing Place Oxford
Reviewing status Peer reviewed