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The distribution of α-kleisin during meiosis in the holocentromeric plant Luzula elegans.

Chromosome Res. 24, 393-405 (2016)
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Holocentric chromosomes occur in a number of independent eukaryotic lineages, and they form holokinetic kinetochores along the entire poleward chromatid surfaces. Due to this alternative chromosome structure, Luzula elegans sister chromatids segregate already in anaphase I followed by the segregation of the homologues in anaphase II. However, not yet known is the localization and dynamics of cohesin and the structure of the synaptonemal complex (SC) during meiosis. We show here that the α-kleisin subunit of cohesin localizes at the centromeres of both mitotic and meiotic metaphase chromosomes and that it, thus, may contribute to assemble the centromere in L. elegans. This localization and the formation of a tripartite SC structure indicate that the prophase I behaviour of L. elegans is similar as in monocentric species.
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Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Cenh3; Synaptonemal Complex-formation; Sister-chromatid Cohesion; Histone H3 Cenh3; Aurora-b Kinase; Caenorhabditis-elegans; Mammalian Meiosis; Homologous Chromosomes; Axial Elements; Cell-division; Rice Meiosis
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