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Birmili, W.* ; Weinhold, K.* ; Rasch, F.* ; Sonntag, A.G.* ; Sun, J.* ; Merkel, M.* ; Wiedensohler, A.* ; Bastian, S.* ; Schladitz, A.* ; Loschau, G.* ; Cyrys, J. ; Pitz, M. ; Gu, J. ; Kusch, T. ; Flentje, H.* ; Quass, U.* ; Kaminski, H.* ; Kuhlbusch, T.A.J.* ; Meinhardt, F.* ; Schwerin, A.* ; Bath, O.* ; Ries, L.* ; Wirtz, K.* ; Fiebig, M.*

Long-term observations of tropospheric particle number size distributions and equivalent black carbon mass concentrations in the German Ultrafine Aerosol Network (GUAN).

Earth Syst. Sci. Data 8, 355-382 (2016)
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The German Ultrafine Aerosol Network (GUAN) is a cooperative atmospheric observation network, which aims at improving the scientific understanding of aerosol-related effects in the troposphere. The network addresses research questions dedicated to both climate- and health-related effects. GUAN's core activity has been the continuous collection of tropospheric particle number size distributions and black carbon mass concentrations at 17 observation sites in Germany. These sites cover various environmental settings including urban traffic, urban background, rural background, and Alpine mountains. In association with partner projects, GUAN has implemented a high degree of harmonisation of instrumentation, operating procedures, and data evaluation procedures. The quality of the measurement data is assured by laboratory intercomparisons as well as on-site comparisons with reference instruments. This paper describes the measurement sites, instrumentation, quality assurance, and data evaluation procedures in the network as well as the EBAS repository, where the data sets can be obtained (doi:10.5072/guan)..
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Particulate Air-pollution; Low-emission Zone; Epidemiologic Evidence; Urban Atmosphere; Boundary-layer; Central-europe; Spatiotemporal Variability; Elemental Carbon; Street Canyon; Absorption
ISSN (print) / ISBN 1866-3508
e-ISSN 1866-3516
Quellenangaben Volume: 8, Issue: 2, Pages: 355-382 Article Number: , Supplement: ,
Publisher Copernicus
Publishing Place Göttingen
Reviewing status Peer reviewed