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Low-dose radiation differentially regulates protein acetylation and histone deacetylase expression in human coronary artery endothelial cells.

Int. J. Radiat. Biol. 93, 156-164 (2017)
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PURPOSE: Ionizing radiation induces cardiovascular disease, the endothelium being the main target. The exact mechanism of the damage is unclear but the involvement of multiple signaling pathways is probable. Reversible lysine acetylation is a posttranslational protein modification that regulates activity across a broad range of signaling pathways. The goal of this study was to determine if a low radiation dose results in acetylome alteration in endothelial cells. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Human coronary artery endothelial cell line was irradiated with Cs-137 gamma-rays (0.5 Gy) and proteomics analysis was performed using enriched acetylated peptides and all peptides. Data were validated using immunoblotting, deacetylase activity assay, and RhoA activity assay. RESULTS: Nearly a hundred proteins were found to have an altered acetylation status 24 h after irradiation, primarily due to an overall decrease in acetylation. The expression of specific deacetylases was significantly increased, coinciding with an enhancement in global deacetylase activity. Proteins changed in their acetylation status belonged to several pathways including protein synthesis, cytoskeleton-related processes, protein folding and calcium signaling. The predicted changes in the RhoA/actin cytoskeleton pathway were validated by immunoassay. CONCLUSIONS: This study shows that protein acetylation is an important mediator of radiation responses in human cardiac coronary endothelial cells. Increased knowledge of the endothelial response to radiation is crucial for the development of normal tissue sparing modalities during radiation therapy.
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Keywords Acetylation ; Cardiovascular Disease ; Endothelial Cell ; Ionizing Radiation ; Proteomics ; Sirtuin; Ionizing-radiation; Circulatory Disease; Cellular Functions; Breast-cancer; Hdac6; Activation; Kinase; Cytoskeleton; Mechanisms; Impairment
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