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Gut-brain cross-talk in metabolic control.

Cell 168, 758-774 (2017)
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Because human energy metabolism evolved to favor adiposity over leanness, the availability of palatable, easily attainable, and calorically dense foods has led to unprecedented levels of obesity and its associated metabolic co-morbidities that appear resistant to traditional lifestyle interventions. However, recent progress identifying the molecular signaling pathways through which the brain and the gastrointestinal system communicate to govern energy homeostasis, combined with emerging insights on the molecular mechanisms underlying successful bariatric surgery, gives reason to be optimistic that novel precision medicines that mimic, enhance, and/or modulate gut-brain signaling can have unprecedented potential for stopping the obesity and type 2 diabetes pandemics.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
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Keywords Appetite ; Bariatric Surgery ; Brain ; Diabetes ; Energy Balance ; Gut ; Metabolic Syndrome ; Obesity ; Pharmacology ; Satiety; Gastric Bypass-surgery; Glucagon-like Peptide-1; Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy; Induced Obese Mice; Melanocortin-4 Receptor Agonist; Intraganglionic Laminar Endings; Randomized Controlled-trial; Resting Energy-expenditure; Diet-induced Obesity; Serum Bile-acids
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