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Optoacoustic endoscopy with optical and acoustic resolution.

Proc. SPIE 10064:100641C (2017)
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A hybrid optical and acoustic resolution optoacoustic endoscopy is proposed. Laser light is transmitted to tissue by two types of illumination for optical and acoustic resolution imaging respectively. An unfocused ultrasound detector is used for recording optoacoustic signals. The endoscopy probe attains 3.6 mm diameter and is fully encapsulated into a catheter system. We examine the performance of the hybrid endoscope with phantoms and tissue sample, which shows that the hybrid endoscopy can obtain optical resolution in superficial microscopic imaging and ultrasonic tomography reconstruction resolution when imaging at greater depths. © (2017) COPYRIGHT Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE). Downloading of the abstract is permitted for personal use only.
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Publikationstyp Artikel: Journalartikel
Dokumenttyp Wissenschaftlicher Artikel
Schlagwörter Optoacoustic endoscopy, optoacoustic imaging, optical resolution, acoustic resolution
ISSN (print) / ISBN 0277-786X
e-ISSN 1996-756X
Konferenztitel Photons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing 2017
Konferzenzdatum 28 January - 2 February 2017
Konferenzort San Francisco, California, United States
Zeitschrift Proceedings of SPIE
Quellenangaben Band: 10064, Heft: , Seiten: , Artikelnummer: 100641C Supplement: ,
Verlag SPIE
Begutachtungsstatus Peer reviewed