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miR-146b probably assists miRNA-146a in the suppression of keratinocyte proliferation and inflammatory responses in psoriasis.

J. Invest. Dermatol. 137, 1945-1954 (2017)
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miR-146a inhibits inflammatory responses in human keratinocytes and in different mouse models of skin inflammation. Little is known about the role of miR-146b in the skin. In the present study, we confirmed the increased expression of miR-146a and miR-146b (miR-146a/b) in lesional skin of psoriasis patients. The expression of miR-146a was about 2-fold higher than that of miR-146b in healthy human skin and it was more strongly induced by stimulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines in keratinocytes and fibroblasts. miR-146a/b target genes regulating inflammatory responses or proliferation were altered in the skin of psoriasis patients, among which FERMT1 was verified as direct target of miR-146a. In silico analysis of genome-wide data from >4,000 psoriasis cases and >8,000 controls confirmed a moderate association between psoriasis and genetic variants in miR-146a gene. Transfection of miR-146a/b suppressed and inhibition enhanced keratinocyte proliferation and the expression of psoriasis-related target genes. Enhanced expression of miR-146a/b-influenced genes was detected in cultured keratinocytes from miR-146a-/- and skin fibroblasts from miR-146a-/- and miR-146b-/- mice stimulated with psoriasis-associated cytokines as compared to wild type mice. Our results indicate that besides miR-146a, miR-146b is expressed and might be capable of modulation of inflammatory responses and keratinocyte proliferation in psoriatic skin.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Innate Immune-responses; Nf-kappa-b; Skin Inflammation; Atopic-dermatitis; Receptor 4; Mice; Microrna-146b; Kindlin-1; Induction; Antibody
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