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Air temperature characteristics of local climate zones in the Augsburg urban area (Bavaria, southern Germany) under varying synoptic conditions.

Urban Climate 25, 152-166 (2018)
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In this contribution air temperature differences among Local Climate Zone (LCZ) categories are analysed with special consideration of varying synoptic conditions. Analyses are based upon an LCZ mapping for the urban area of Augsburg (Bavaria, Southern Germany) and hourly air temperature data from a comprehensive logger network. Quality checked air temperature measurements have been stratified according to season, hour of the day and weather situation. For resulting subsamples thermal differences among LCZs have been determined and appropriate statistical tests have been applied. Results confirm that built up LCZs feature higher temperatures than natural LCZs and that most distinct differences among LCZs appear under undisturbed synoptic conditions. With increasing cloudiness and in particular with increasing wind speed differences among LCZs diminish. But, even for strongly disturbed synoptic conditions statistical significance of the influence of LCZs on thermal characteristics could be assured. Thus, our findings provide clear evidence that detectable thermal differences among LCZs are not restricted to „ideal “synoptic conditions but occur as well under disturbed conditions. However, to assure not only the statistical but also the climatological and in particular the bioclimatological and human health related relevance of the documented differences among LCZs further studies incorporating appropriate metrics are intended.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Local Climate Zones ; Urban Air Temperature ; Urban Climate ; Urban Heat Island ; Urban Meteorological Network
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