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Analysis of stress resistance using next generation techniques.

Agronomy 8:130 (2018)
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Food security for a growing world population remains one of the most challenging tasks. Rapid climate change accelerates the loss of arable land used for crop production, while it simultaneously imposes increasing biotic and abiotic stresses on crop plants. Analysis and molecular understanding of the factors governing stress tolerance is in the focus of scientific and applied research. One plant is often mentioned in the context with stress resistanceChenopodium quinoa. Through improved breeding strategies and the use of next generation approaches to study and understand quinoa's salinity tolerance, an important step towards securing food supply is taken.
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Keywords Stress Resistance ; Abiotic And Biotic Stresses ; Genetic Diversity ; Chenopodium Quinoa ; Omics; Hexaploid Bread Wheat; Salinity Tolerance; Chenopodium-quinoa; Provides Insights; Genome; Halophytes; Proteomics; Responses; Evolution; Sequence
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