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miR-191 modulates B-cell development and targets transcription factors E2A, Foxp1, and Egr1.

Eur. J. Immunol. 49, 121-132 (2019)
Postprint online available 10/2019 Open Access Green as soon as is submitted to ZB.
The interdependence of posttranscriptional gene regulation via miRNA and transcriptional regulatory networks in lymphocyte development is poorly understood. Here, we identified miR-191 as direct upstream modulator of a transcriptional module comprising the transcription factors Foxp1, E2A, and Egr1. Deletion as well as ectopic expression of miR-191 resulted in developmental arrest in B lineage cells, indicating that fine tuning of the combined expression levels of Foxp1, E2A, and Egr1, which in turn control somatic recombination and cytokine-driven expansion, constitutes a prerequisite for efficient B-cell development. In conclusion, we propose that miR-191 acts as a rheostat in B-cell development by fine tuning a key transcriptional program.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords B Cells ; Lymphocyte Development ; Mirna ; Mir-191 ; Transcriptional Factors; Gene-expression; Differentiation; Recombination; Proteins; Proliferation; Binding; Family; Growth; E47; Rna
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