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Rai, N.* ; Neugart, S.* ; Yan, Y.* ; Wang, F.* ; Siipola, S.M.* ; Lindfors, A.V.* ; Winkler, J.B. ; Albert, A. ; Brosché, M.* ; Lehto, T.* ; Morales, L.O.* ; Aphalo, P.J.*

How do cryptochromes and UVR8 interact in natural and simulated sunlight?

J. Exp. Bot. 70, 4975-4990 (2019)
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Cryptochromes (CRYs) and UV RESISTANCE LOCUS 8 (UVR8) photoreceptors perceive UV-A/blue (315-500 nm) and UV-B (280-315 nm) radiation in plants, respectively. While the roles of CRYs and UVR8 have been studied in separate controlled-environment experiments, little is known about the interaction between these photoreceptors. Here, Arabidopsis wild-type Ler, CRYs and UVR8 photoreceptor mutants (uvr8-2, cry1cry2 and cry1cry2uvr8-2), and a flavonoid biosynthesis-defective mutant (tt4) were grown in a sun simulator. Plants were exposed to filtered radiation for 17 d or for 6 h, to study the effects of blue, UV-A, and UV-B radiation. Both CRYs and UVR8 independently enabled growth and survival of plants under solar levels of UV, while their joint absence was lethal under UV-B. CRYs mediated gene expression under blue light. UVR8 mediated gene expression under UV-B radiation, and in the absence of CRYs, also under UV-A. This negative regulation of UVR8-mediated gene expression by CRYs was also observed for UV-B. The accumulation of flavonoids was also consistent with this interaction between CRYs and UVR8. In conclusion, we provide evidence for an antagonistic interaction between CRYs and UVR8 and a role of UVR8 in UV-A perception.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Arabidopsis Thaliana ; Blue Light ; Cryptochromes ; Flavonoids ; Photoreceptor Interaction ; Solar Radiation ; Sun Simulator ; Transcript Abundance ; Ultraviolet Radiation ; Uvr8; Transcription Factor Hy5; Occurring Flavonoid Glycosides; B-induced Photomorphogenesis; Synthase Gene-expression; Blue-light; Signal-transduction; Stress Acclimation; Arabidopsis; Identification; Accumulation
ISSN (print) / ISBN 0022-0957
e-ISSN 1460-2431
Quellenangaben Volume: 70, Issue: 18, Pages: 4975-4990 Article Number: , Supplement: ,
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publishing Place Great Clarendon St, Oxford Ox2 6dp, England
Reviewing status Peer reviewed