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LC-MS/MS-based metabolomics for cell cultures.

In: Cell-Based Assays Using iPSCs for Drug Development and Testing. Berlin [u.a.]: Springer, 2019. 119-130 (Methods Mol. Biol. ; 1994)
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Metabolomics, a comprehensive analysis of metabolites in biological specimens (e.g., cells, body fluids, tissues, exhaled air, plants), offers promising tools in health, nutrition, biotechnology, and food sciences. Here we describe methods of LC-MS/MS-based analyses for cell metabolomics. Using methods employed in this section, over 1000 endogenous and exogenous metabolites can be detected, annotated, and quantified relatively by nontargeted analysis approach, whereas targeted metabolomics analysis enables us to quantify 188 endogenous metabolites.
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Publication type Article: Edited volume or book chapter
Keywords Cell Culture Metabolomics ; Lc-ms/ms-based Metabolomics ; Mass Spectrometry ; Metabolomics ; Nontargeted Metabolomics ; Targeted Metabolomics
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