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Single organelle analysis to characterize mitochondrial function and crosstalk during viral infection.

Sci. Rep. 9:8492 (2019)
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Mitochondria are key for cellular metabolism and signalling processes during viral infection. We report a methodology to analyse mitochondrial properties at the single-organelle level during viral infection using a recombinant adenovirus coding for a mitochondrial tracer protein for tagging and detection by multispectral flow cytometry. Resolution at the level of tagged individual mitochondria revealed changes in mitochondrial size, membrane potential and displayed a fragile phenotype during viral infection of cells. Thus, single-organelle and multi-parameter resolution allows to explore altered energy metabolism and antiviral defence by tagged mitochondria selectively in virus-infected cells and will be instrumental to identify viral immune escape and to develop and monitor novel mitochondrial-targeted therapies.
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Keywords Flow-cytometry; Cultured-cells; Protein; Mechanisms; Mitophagy; Dynamics; Immunity; Disease; Model; Mavs
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