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Rühm, W.* ; Knežević, Z.* ; Fantuzzi, E.* ; Harrison, R.* ; Schuhmacher, H.* ; Vanhavere, F.* ; Alves, J.* ; Bottolier, J.-F.* ; Fattibene, P.* ; Gilvin, P.* ; López, M.A.* ; Mayer, S.* ; Miljanić, S.* ; Olko, P.* ; Stadtmann, H.* ; Tanner, R.* ; Vargas, A.* ; Woda, C.

EURADOS Stakeholder Workshop on  June 30th, 2016.

In: (EURADOS Report). 2017.
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On June 30th, 2016, the “First EURADOS Stakeholder Workshop” was held at the Helmholtz Center Munich (HMGU) in Neuherberg, Germany. The workshop was jointly organized by the HMGU and the EURADOS Office in conjunction with the 57th EURADOS Council meeting, which took place on June 29th and July 1st, also at the HMGU. In the frame of the “European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research”, the CONCERT project funded by the European Commission is supposed to provide an umbrella structure for radiation protection research in Europe. In this project, EURADOS leads Task 2.4 on the “Development of Strategic Research Agenda, roadmap and priorities for research on dosimetry”. While a first version of the EURADOS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) has already been published, this workshop was intended to develop the SRA further by asking for feedback and input from international organisations with interest in the dosimetry of ionizing radiation.
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