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Ng, B.P.* ; Laxy, M. ; Shrestha, S.S.* ; Soler, R.E.* ; Cannon, M.J.* ; Smith, B.D.* ; Zhang, P.*

Prevalence and medical expenditures of diabetes-related complications among adult medicaid enrollees with diabetes in eight U.S. states.

J. Diab. Complic. 35:107814 (2021)
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Aims: To estimate the prevalence and medical expenditures of diabetes-related complications (DRCs) among adult Medicaid enrollees with diabetes. Methods: We estimated the prevalence and medical expenditures for 12 diabetes-related complications by Medicaid eligibility category (disability-based vs. non-disability-based) in eight states. We used generalized linear models with log link and gamma distribution to estimate the total per-person annual medical expenditures for DRCs, controlling for demographics, and other comorbidities. Results: Among non-disability-based enrollees (NDBEs), 40.1% (in California) to 47.5% (in Oklahoma) had one or more DRCs, compared to 53.6% (in Alabama) to 64.8% (in Florida) among disability-based enrollees (DBEs). The most prevalent complication was neuropathy (16.1%–27.1% for NDBEs; 20.2%–30.4% for DBEs). Lower extremity amputation (<1% for both eligibilities) was the least prevalent complication. The costliest per-person complication was dialysis (per-person excess annual expenditure of $22,481–$41,298 for NDBEs; $23,569–$51,470 for DBEs in 2012 USD). Combining prevalence and per-person excess expenditures, the three costliest complications were nephropathy, heart failure, and ischemic heart disease (IHD) for DBEs, compared to neuropathy, nephropathy, and IHD for NDBEs. Conclusions: Our study provides data that can be used for assessing the health care resources needed for managing DRCs and evaluating cost-effectiveness of interventions to prevent and management DRCs.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Diabetes-related Complications ; Medicaid ; Medicaid Eligibility Category ; Medical Expenditures ; Prevalence
ISSN (print) / ISBN 1056-8727
e-ISSN 1056-8727
Quellenangaben Volume: 35, Issue: 3, Pages: , Article Number: 107814 Supplement: ,
Publisher Elsevier
Publishing Place Ste 800, 230 Park Ave, New York, Ny 10169 Usa
Reviewing status Peer reviewed