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Garcia-Maquilon, I.* ; Coego, A.* ; Lozano-Juste, J.* ; Messerer, M. ; de Ollas, C.* ; Julian, J.* ; Ruiz-Partida, R.* ; Pizzio, G.* ; Belda-Palazón, B.* ; Gomez-Cadenas, A.* ; Mayer, K.F.X. ; Geiger, D.* ; Alquraishi, S.A.* ; Alrefaei, A.F.* ; Ache, P.* ; Hedrich, R.* ; Rodriguez, P.L.*

PYL8 ABA receptors of Phoenix dactylifera play a crucial role in response to abiotic stress and are stabilized by ABA.

J. Exp. Bot. 72, 757-774 (2021)
Free by publisher: Publ. Version/Full Text online available 02/2022
The identification of those prevalent abscisic acid (ABA) receptors and molecular mechanisms that trigger drought adaptation in crops well adapted to harsh conditions such as date palm (Phoenix dactylifera, Pd) sheds light on plant-environment interactions. We reveal that PdPYL8-like receptors are predominantly expressed under abiotic stress, with Pd27 being the most expressed receptor in date palm. Therefore, subfamily I PdPYL8-like receptors have been selected for ABA signaling during abiotic stress response in this crop. Biochemical characterization of PdPYL8-like and PdPYL1-like receptors revealed receptor- and ABA-dependent inhibition of PP2Cs, which triggers activation of the pRD29B-LUC reporter in response to ABA. PdPYLs efficiently abolish PP2C-mediated repression of ABA signaling, but loss of the Trp lock in the seed-specific AHG1-like phosphatase PdPP2C79 markedly impairs its inhibition by ABA receptors. Characterization of Arabidopsis transgenic plants that express PdPYLs shows enhanced ABA signaling in seed, root, and guard cells. Specifically, Pd27-overexpressing plants showed lower ABA content and were more efficient than the wild type in lowering transpiration at negative soil water potential, leading to enhanced drought tolerance. Finally, PdPYL8-like receptors accumulate after ABA treatment, which suggests that ABA-induced stabilization of these receptors operates in date palm for efficient boosting of ABA signaling in response to abiotic stress.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Phoenix Dactylifera ; Aba Receptor ; Ahg1 ; Pp2c ; Pyl8 ; Abiotic Stress ; Abscisic Acid ; Date Palm; Abscisic-acid Receptors; Promotes Drought Resistance; 2c Protein Phosphatases; Pp2c Phosphatases; Date Palms; Water-use; In-vivo; Inhibition; Expression; Root
ISSN (print) / ISBN 0022-0957
e-ISSN 1460-2431
Quellenangaben Volume: 72, Issue: 2, Pages: 757-774 Article Number: , Supplement: ,
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publishing Place Great Clarendon St, Oxford Ox2 6dp, England
Reviewing status Peer reviewed
Grants DSFP
Distinguished Scientist Fellowship Research Program (DSFP) of King Saud University