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BioProfiling.de: Analytical web portal for high-throughput cell biology.

Nucleic Acids Res. 39, W323-W327 (2011)
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BioProfiling.de provides a comprehensive analytical toolkit for the interpretation gene/protein lists. As input, BioProfiling.de accepts a gene/protein list. As output, in one submission, the gene list is analyzed by a collection of tools which employs advanced enrichment or network-based statistical frameworks. The gene list is profiled with respect to the most information available regarding gene function, protein interactions, pathway relationships, in silico predicted microRNA to gene associations, as well as, information collected by text mining. BioProfiling.de provides a user friendly dialog-driven web interface for several model organisms and supports most available gene identifiers.
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Keywords gene-expression; lists; network; tool; protein; spider; kegg; proteomics; ontology; database
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