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Kabisch, S.* ; Honsek, C.* ; Kemper, M.* ; Gerbracht, C.* ; Arafat, A.M.* ; Birkenfeld, A.L. ; Dambeck, U.* ; Osterhoff, M.A.* ; Weickert, M.O.* ; Pfeiffer, A.F.H.*

Dose-dependent effects of insoluble fibre on glucose metabolism: A stratified post hoc analysis of the Optimal Fibre Trial (OptiFiT).

Acta Diabetol., DOI: 10.1007/s00592-021-01772-0 (2021)
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AIMS: As the first long-term RCT on insoluble cereal fibre, the optimal fibre trial demonstrated glycometabolic benefits, confirming cohort studies. The combined study intervention of lifestyle recommendations and supplementation with insoluble oat hulls fibre allows to clarify, which amount of fibre is required for a beneficial effect. METHODS: One hundred and eighty participants with impaired glucose tolerance underwent the one-year PREDIAS lifestyle programme and received a blinded, randomized fibre or placebo supplement for two years. We conducted a regression analyses and cut-off-based tertile comparisons in subjects with full data on dietary compliance (food records and accounted supplement; n = 120) after one year, investigating effects on fasting blood parameters, oral glucose tolerance test and anthropometry. RESULTS: We found a nonlinear inverse relation between fibre intake and change in postprandial 2-h glucose levels, showing a metabolic benefit beyond 14 g and a plateau beyond 25 g of total insoluble fibre per day. 2-h glucose levels improved significantly stronger in both upper tertiles (-0.9 [-1.6;-0.2] mmol/l, p = 0.047, and -0.6 [-1.6;0.3] mmol/l, p = 0.010) compared to the lowest tertile (0.1 [-1.2;1.1] mmol/l), also when adjusted for changes in bodyweight. Subjects with the highest fibre intake showed superior effects on fasting and postprandial insulin resistance, hepatic insulin clearance, leucocyte count and fatty liver index. CONCLUSIONS: Extending the knowledge on the benefits of insoluble oat hulls fibre, our post hoc analysis demonstrates a dose effect for glycaemia and associated metabolic markers. Further research is needed in order to replicate our findings in larger trials.
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Publication type Article: Journal article
Document type Scientific Article
Keywords Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 ; Diabetes Prevention ; Impaired Fasting Glucose ; Impaired Glucose Tolerance ; Insoluble Dietary Fibre ; Insulin Sensitivity ; Prediabetes ; Stratification; Type-2 Diabetes-mellitus; Dietary Fiber; Life-style; Insulin Sensitivity; Cereal Fiber; Prevention; Risk; Management; Tolerance; Protein
ISSN (print) / ISBN 0940-5429
e-ISSN 1432-5233
Publisher Springer
Publishing Place Milan
Reviewing status Peer reviewed
Grants German Diabetes Foundation