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CORUM: The comprehensive resource of mammalian protein complexes-2022.

Nucleic Acids Res. 51, D539-D545 (2022)
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The CORUM database has been providing comprehensive reference information about experimentally characterized, mammalian protein complexes and their associated biological and biomedical properties since 2007. Given that most catalytic and regulatory functions of the cell are carried out by protein complexes, their composition and characterization is of greatest importance in basic and disease biology. The new CORUM 4.0 release encompasses 5204 protein complexes offering the largest and most comprehensive publicly available dataset of manually curated mammalian protein complexes. The CORUM dataset is built from 5299 different genes, representing 26% of the protein coding genes in humans. Complex information from 3354 scientific articles is mainly obtained from human (70%), mouse (16%) and rat (9%) cells and tissues. Recent curation work includes sets of protein complexes, Functional Complex Groups, that offer comprehensive collections of published data in specific biological processes and molecular functions. In addition, a new graphical analysis tool was implemented that displays co-expression data from the subunits of protein complexes. CORUM is freely accessible at http://mips.helmholtz-muenchen.de/corum/.
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