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Development and test of a new scanning geometry for Computed Tomography.

München, Technische Universität München, Fakultät für Physik, Diss., 2009, 134 S.
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This work presents an alternative scanning geometry for Computed Tomography with Double Optimal Reading, called CT D’OR. With this geometry, the Radon data are acquired after the X-ray beam is collimated through a special mask, which enables an efficient data collection and may reduce the patient dose. We have demonstrated with a test-device that the scanning geometry CT D’OR acquires data for two independent and complementary reconstructions. Additionally, we have shown with a Monte Carlo simulation that the image quality attained using this scanning geometry is equivalent to the one attained by conventional geoametries.
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Publication type Other: Thesis
Thesis type Doctoral thesis
Keywords Medical Imaging; Computed Tomography; scanning geometry; prototype; x-ray dose
Quellenangaben Volume: De, Issue: , Pages: 134 S. Article Number: , Supplement: ,
University Technische Universität München
University place München
Faculty Fakultät für Physik