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Genome-wide association analyses identify 18 new loci associated with serum urate concentrations


Titel Pressemitteilung:

Gene verursachen erhöhte Harnsäure und Gicht

Genes Cause Elevated Urate Concentrations That Can Lead to Gout

Apr 2013 IGE
Gieger, Krumsiek PDF PR 2013-01-01
WB 2013-07-01
Core statement:
Core statement Pressemitteilung:

Uric acid homeostasis is controlled by more genes than previously known. By means of a genome-wide association study, scientists of Helmholtz Zentrum München identified a total of 28 genes associated with blood urate concentrations. 18 loci were newly identified; for 2 loci the researchers found an association with gout. Their findings were recently published in the journal Nature Genetics.

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