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Quantification of regenerative potential in primary human mammary epithelial cells

Mini-breasts in petri dishes: an organoid-assay of the human mammary gland provides a new model to study regeneration and breast cancer


Titel Pressemitteilung:

Mini-Brüste in der Petrischale – Neues Werkzeug für die Krebsforschung

Mini-Breast grown in petri-dishes – a new tool for cancer research

Oct 2015 ISF
Dr. Christina Scheel PDF WB 2016-01-01
PR 2015-06-01
Core statement:

The work describes the development of an organoid assay for primary, human mammary epithelial cells. In this organoid assay, single cells regenerate complex, gland-like structures, thereby faithfully recapitulating distinct steps of mammary gland development. This organoid assay enables the rigorous quantification of mammary stem cells and their functional analysis. It is an invaluable tool for personalized medicine and basic breast cancer research.

The Scheel group at the Institute of Stem Cell Research developed a new in vitro model where cells from human mammary glands develop into multicellular structures that mimick the complex system of ducts that make up the functional units of the breast.


Core statement Pressemitteilung:

Neuherberg, 10th of June 2015. About 70.000 Women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in Germany alone. Despite significant progress in the treatment of common types of breast cancer, some aggressive subtypes of the disease are poorly understood and remain incurable. A new experimental model opens new avenues for mammary gland biology and basic breast cancer research. Together with their colleagues at the LMU Munich, researchers at the Helmholtz Center in Munich are now able to create three-dimensional organoid-structures that recapitulate normal breast development and function from single patient-derived cells.

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