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Particulate Matter from both Heavy Fuel Oil and Diesel Fuel Shipping Emissions show Strong Biological Effects on Human Lung Cells at Realistic and Comparable in vitro Exposure Conditions

Titel Pressemitteilung:

Wie Schiffsabgase auf Lungenzellen wirken

How Ship Emissions Adversely Affect Lung Cells

Oct 2015 CMA
Prof. Dr. Ralf Zimmermann PDF
PR 2015-06-01
Core statement:

Conclusions: Despite a lower content of known toxic compounds, combustion particles from the clean shipping fuel DF influenced several essential pathways of lung cell metabolism more strongly than particles from the unrefined fuel HFO. This might be attributable to a higher soot content in DF. Thus the role of diesel soot, which is a known carcinogen in acute air pollution-induced health effects should be further investigated. For the use of HFO and DF we recommend a reduction of carbonaceous soot in the ship emissions by implementation of filtration devices.

Soot particles of ship emissions cause strong lung cell responses independent of the use of “clean” diesel fuel or “dirty” heavy fuel oil.


Core statement Pressemitteilung:

Neuherberg, 8th of June, 2015. In the course of industrialization, emissions of exhaust fumes from combustion processes that adversely affect our lungs have increased. Especially inhabitants of coastal regions suffer from the particle emissions from ship engines. In a large-scale cooperative project, researchers of Helmholtz Zentrum München, Technische Universität München (TUM) and the University of Rostock have demonstrated for the first time exactly what effect these particle emissions have on the cells in the lung and how the various fuels differ from each other. The findings of the researchers have been published in the journal PLOS ONE.

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