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Efficacy and tolerability of a GD2-directed trifunctional bispecific antibody in a preclinical model: Subcutaneous administration is superior to intravenous delivery.

Titel Pressemitteilung:

Subkutane Gabe von multispezifischen Antikörpern macht Tumortherapie schneller und verträglicher

Subcutaneous Administration of Multispecific Antibody Makes Tumor Treatment Faster and More Tolerable

Oct 2015 IMI
Prof. Dr. med. Ralph Mocikat PDF
PR 2015-07-01
Core statement:

Subcutaneous administration of an antitumor antibody results in lower bioavailability, but the therapeutic potential is not impaired compared to intravenous injection. Importantly, the tolerability is markedly improved after subcutaneous delivery.

Antibody-mediated therapy: The application route matters



Core statement Pressemitteilung:

Neuherberg, July 1, 2015. Tumor treatment with multispecific* antibodies is significantly more tolerable if administered subcutaneously rather than via the bloodstream, which was the standard procedure until now. This was the result of an animal model study undertaken by researchers at Helmholtz Zentrum München in cooperation with the Munich biotech company Trion Research. According to the scientists, the findings published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics could lead to shorter hospital stays, among other benefits for patients.

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