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Inhibitors of PEX14 disrupt protein import into glycosomes and kill Trypanosoma parasites.

Titel Pressemitteilung:

Neuer Wirkstoff gegen die Schlafkrankheit

New therapeutic strategy against sleeping sickness

Apr 2017 STB
Prof. Dr. Michael Sattler, Dr. Grzegorz Popowicz PDF
WB 2017-06-01
AR 2017-07-01
PR 2017-03-01
Core statement:

We have found a new way to eliminate trypanosoma parasites that cause various serious diseases. The PEX14-PEX5 protein system is essential to the survival of trypanosoma parasites. Targeting of this system has been postulated before, but we were the first group to experimentally prove that a small-molecule PEX14 inhibitor can have therapeutic applications. Our discovery allows development of new drugs against trypanosoma and possibly Leishmania parasites. These diseases affect millions of people. For example, Chagas disease caused by Trypanosoma cruzi. Eight million people are infected in the Americas. The disease is becoming a global issue, with 300,000 infected individuals in the US and 80,000 in Europe. There is no cure for chronic stage of Chagas disease. Beyond its devastating effects on humans, animal trypanosomiases cause huge losses to livestock animals and face increasing resistance problems. Our work shows a new way of eliminating these parasites.

Core statement Pressemitteilung:

Ein neu entwickelter Wirkstoff tötet gezielt den Erreger der Schlaf- und der Chagas-Krankheit. Das berichten Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler des Helmholtz Zentrums München gemeinsam mit Kollegen der Technischen Universität München und der Ruhr Universität Bochum in ‚Science‘. Der Trick dabei: Die Forscher konnten zunächst durch Einsatz modernster Verfahren der Strukturbiologie die Achillesferse des Parasiten ausmachen und dann einen passgenauen Wirkstoff entwickeln.

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