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Combinatorial Histone Acetylation Patterns Are Generated by Motif-Specific Reactions


Titel Pressemitteilung:

Die Mustermacher

The importance of mixed motifs

Oct 2016 ICB
Marr PDF PR 2016-01-01
Core statement:

Imaging flow cytometry enables the acquisition of both fluorescence and brightfield images of biological cells in a high-throughput manner. Here, Blasi et al. demonstrate that by applying machine learning algorithms on brightfield and darkfield images it is possible to detect cellular phenotypes without the need for fluorescent stains enabling label-free assays.

Core statement Pressemitteilung:

A team of researchers led byProfessor Peter Becker at LMU’s new Biomedical Center (BMC) and Dr. Carsten Marr at the Helmholtz Center Munich has now shown that whether and how each individual target site is modified depends on the nature and pattern of the neighboring marks. Their findings, which appear in the journal “Cell Systems”, provide unexpected insights into the complexity of the epigenetic mechanisms that mediate gene regulation in higher organisms.

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