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Sabrautzki, S. et al.: Point mutation of Ffar1 abrogates fatty acid-dependent insulin secretion, but protects against HFD-induced glucose intolerance. Mol. Metab. 6, 1304-1312 (2017)
Tiedemann, H.B. ; Schneltzer, E. ; Beckers, J. ; Przemeck, G.K.H. & Hrabě de Angelis, M.: Modeling coexistence of oscillation and Delta/Notch-mediated lateral inhibition in pancreas development and neurogenesis. J. Theor. Biol. 430, 32-44 (2017)
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Frankó, A. et al.: Bezafibrate improves insulin sensitivity and metabolic flexibility in STZ-treated diabetic mice. Diabetes 65, 2540-2552 (2016)
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Sabrautzki, S. et al.: Viable EdnraY129F mice feature human mandibulofacial dysostosis with alopecia (MFDA) syndrome due to the homologue mutation. Mamm. Genome 27, 587-598 (2016)
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Bertsch, A.* ; Hrabě de Angelis, M. & Przemeck, G.K.H.: Phylogenetic relationships of the bumblebees Bombus moderatus, B. albocinctus, B. burjaeticus, B. florilegus and B. cryptarum based on mitochondrial DNA markers: A complex of closely related taxa with circumpolar distribution. Beitr. Entomol. 60, 13-32 (2010)
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