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Atasoy, S. ; Johar, H.* ; Peters, A. & Ladwig, K.-H.: Association of hypertension cut-off values with 10-year cardiovascular mortality and clinical consequences: A real-world perspective from the prospective MONICA/KORA study. Eur. Heart J. 40, 732-738 (2019)
Atasoy, S. ; Ladwig, K.-H. ; Kruse, J.* ; Lukaschek, K.* & Peters, A.: Inverse relationship between social isolation and type 2 diabetes incidence in people with obesity: Findings from the MONICA/KORA prospective cohort. J. Psychosomat. Res. 121, 124-124 (2019)
Cai, X. ; Johar, H.* ; Bidlingmaier, M.* ; Kruse, J.* & Ladwig, K.-H.: Loneliness and obesity in old women are associated with lower plasma oxytocin levels: The combined impact of mental and physical distress on the neuroendocrine system. J. Psychosomat. Res. 121, 124-125 (2019)
Fangauf, S.V.* et al.: HSCRP is associated with impaired physical but not mental health-related quality of life in depressed patients with cad-results of the spirr-cad trial. Psychosom. Med. 81, A28-A28 (2019)
Fangauf, S.V.* et al.: Longitudinal relationship between B-type natriuretic peptide and anxiety in coronary heart disease patients with depression. J. Psychosomat. Res. 123:109728 (2019)
Harter, K. et al.: Different psychosocial factors are associated with seasonal and perennial allergies in adults: Cross-sectional results of the KORA FF4 study. Int. Arch. Allergy Immunol., accepted (2019)
Hoschar, S. et al.: The MEDEA FAR-EAST Study: Conceptual framework, methods and first findings of a multicenter cross-sectional observational study. BMC Emerg. Med. 19:31 (2019)
Johar, H. et al.: Chronic inflammation contributes to cortisol-induced hyperglycemia: Findings from the KORA Age study. J. Psychosomat. Res. 121, 125-126 (2019)
Kowall, B.* et al.: Incidence rates of type 2 diabetes in people with impaired fasting glucose (ADA vs. WHO Criteria) and impaired glucose tolerance: Results from an older population (KORA S4/F4/FF4 Study). Diabetes Care 42, E18-E20:DC181473 (2019)
Ladwig, K.-H.: Anxiety weights down the heart - New evidence for a toxic cardiovascular risk factor. Int. J. Cardiol. 278, 261-262 (2019)
Li, J.* ; Atasoy, S. ; Fang, X. ; Angerer, P.* & Ladwig, K.-H.: Combined effect of work stress and impaired sleep on coronary and cardiovascular mortality in hypertensive workers: The MONICA/KORA cohort study. Eur. J. Prev. Cardiol., accepted (2019)
Motoc, I.* et al.: Higher oxytocin levels associated with a history of suicidal ideation in old age: Findings from the population based KORA Age Study. J. Psychosomat. Res. 121, 134-134 (2019)
Stephan, A.-J.* et al.: Being born in the aftermath of World War II increases the risk for health deficit accumulation in older age: Results from the KORA-Age study. Eur. J. Epidemiol. 34, 675-687 (2019)
Sujana, C. et al.: Generalized anxiety disorder and incident type 2 diabetes in KORA F4/FF4 study. J. Psychosomat. Res. 121, 125-125 (2019)
Vitinius, F.* et al.: Somatic and sociodemographic predictors of depression outcome among depressed patients with coronary artery disease - a secondary analysis of the SPIRR-CAD study. BMC Psychiatry 19:57 (2019)
Zannas, A.S.* et al.: Epigenetic upregulation of FKBP5 by aging and stress contributes to NF-kappa B-driven inflammation and cardiovascular risk. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 166, 11370-11379 (2019)
Arvandi, M.* et al.: Mediator effect of balance problems on association between grip strength and falls in older adults: Results from the KORA-age study. Gerontol. Geriatr. Med. 4:2333721418760122 (2018)
Atasoy, S.* ; Kruse, J.* ; Thorand, B. & Ladwig, K.-H.: Synergistic effect of severe depressed mood and obesity on type II diabetes incidence: Findings from the MONICA/KORA Cohort Study. J. Psychosomat. Res. 109, 88-88 (2018)
Atasoy, S. ; Johar, H. ; Fang, X. ; Kruse, J.* & Ladwig, K.-H.: Cumulative effect of depressed mood and obesity on type II diabetes incidence: Findings from the MONICA/KORA cohort study. J. Psychosomat. Res. 115, 66-70 (2018)
Barrech, A.* ; Baumert, J.J. ; Gündel, H.* & Ladwig, K.-H.: The impact of job insecurity on long-term self-rated health - results from the prospective population-based MONICA/KORA study. BMC Public Health 18:754 (2018)