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van Zuydam, N.R.* et al.: A genome-wide association study of diabetic kidney disease in subjects with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes 67, 1414-1427 (2018)
Kruse, M.* et al.: A high fat diet during mouse pregnancy and lactation targets GIP-regulated metabolic pathways in adult male offspring. Diabetes 65, 574-584 (2016)
Hägg, S.* et al.: Adiposity as a cause of cardiovascular disease: A Mendelian randomization study. Int. J. Epidemiol. 44, 578-586 (2015)
Horikoshi, M.* et al.: Discovery and fine-mapping of glycaemic and obesity-related trait loci using high-density imputation. PLoS Genet. 11:e1005230 (2015)
Budin-Ljosne, I.* et al.: Data sharing in large research consortia: Experiences and recommendations from ENGAGE. Eur. J. Hum. Genet. 22, 317-321 (2014)
Kruse, M.* et al.: A high-fat diet during pregnancy and lactation targets GIP-regulated metabolic pathways in male offspring in mice. Exp. Clin. Endocrinol. Diabet. 122:P012 (2014)
Nejad, F.K.* et al.: A high fat diet during pregnancy and lactation affects the metabolic fate of Gipr-/- mice via hypothalamic insulin signalling and DNA-methylation of lipid metabolism genes. Diabetologia 57, S41 (2014)
Thorgeirsson, T.E.* et al.: A common biological basis of obesity and nicotine addiction. Transl. Psychiatry 3:e308 (2013)
Breitling, L.P.* et al.: Dopamine-related genes and spontaneous smoking cessation in ever-heavy smokers. Pharmacogenomics 12, 1099-1106 (2011)
Mehner, T.* et al.: Genetic population structure of sympatric and allopatric populations of Baltic ciscoes (Coregonus albula complex, Teleostei, Coregonidae). BMC Evol. Biol. 10:85 (2010)
Mobascher, A.* et al.: Association of a variant in the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor 2 gene (CHRM2) with nicotine addiction. Am. J. Med. Genet. B 153B, 684-690 (2010)
Thorgeirsson, T.E.* et al.: Sequence variants at CHRNB3-CHRNA6 and CYP2A6 affect smoking behavior. Nat. Genet. 42, 448-453 (2010)
Winterer, G.* et al.: Risk gene variants for nicotine dependence in the CHRNA5-CHRNA3-CHRNB4 cluster are associated with cognitive performance. Am. J. Med. Genet. B 158B, 1448-1458 (2010)
Breitling, L.P.* et al.: Variants in COMT and spontaneous smoking cessation: Retrospective cohort analysis of 925 cessation events. Pharmacogenet. Genomics 19, 657-659 (2009)
Nitz, B. ; Heim, R.* ; Schneppat, U.E.* ; Hyman, I.* & Haszprunar, G.*: Towards a new standard in slug species descriptions: The case of Limax sarnensis Heim & Nitz n. sp (Pulmonata: Limacidae) from the Western Central Alps. J. Molluscan Stud. 75, 279-294 (2009)