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Warrington, N.M.* et al.: Maternal and fetal genetic effects on birth weight and their relevance to cardio-metabolic risk factors. Nat. Genet. 51, 804-814 (2019)
Wuttke, M.* et al.: A catalog of genetic loci associated with kidney function from analyses of a million individuals. Nat. Genet. 51, 957-972 (2019)
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Wheeler, E.* et al.: Impact of common genetic determinants of Hemoglobin A1c on type 2 diabetes risk and diagnosis in ancestrally diverse populations: A transethnic genome-wide meta-analysis. PLoS Med. 14:e1002383 (2017)
Felix, J.F.* et al.: Genome-wide association analysis identifies three new susceptibility loci for childhood body mass index. Hum. Mol. Genet. 25, 389-403 (2016)
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Ziegler, A.-G. et al.: Primary prevention of beta-cell autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes - the Global Platform for the Prevention of Autoimmune Diabetes (GPPAD) perspectives. Mol. Metab. 5, 255-262 (2016)
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Wabitsch, M.* et al.: Medical and psychosocial implications of adolescent extreme obesity - acceptance and effects of structured care short: Youth with Extreme Obesity Study (YES). BMC Public Health 13:789 (2013)
Mielck, A.: Soziale Ungleichheit und Gesundheit: Empirische Belege für die zentrale Rolle der schulischen und beruflichen Bildung. In: Brähler, E.* ; Kiess, J.* ; Schubert, C.* ; Kiess, W.* [Eds.]: Gesund und gebildet: Voraussetzungen für eine moderne Gesellschaft. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2012. 129-145
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Scherag, A.* et al.: Two new loci for body-weight regulation identified in a joint analysis of genome-wide association studies for early-onset extreme obesity in French and German study groups. PLoS Genet. 6:e1000916 (2010)
Heinz-Erian, P. ; Kessler, U. ; Funk, B. ; Gais, P. & Kiess, W.: Identification and in Situ Localization of the Insulin-like Growth Factor-II/mannose-6-phosphate ( IGF-II/M6P) Receptor in the Rat Gastrointestinal Tract: Comparison with the IGF-I Receptor. Endocrinology 129, 1769-1778 (1991)